Butter Flutes, Crisps or Potato Chips with Champagne

Butter Flutes, Crisps or Potato Chips with Champagne

Type: Buy-And-Serve

Super simple, super effective. Sharp, bubbly apéritif wines like Champagne are designed to cut through buttery, salty, oily and/or fried nibbles to begin a party. Crispy butter flutes are a surprisingly effective accompaniment as are crisps/potato chips, not lowbrow any longer.

Party Theme(s): Take A Chance On France

  • YIELD: Serves 10 as a nibble

  • ACTIVE TIME: 3 mins

    TOTAL TIME: 3 mins

  • WINE PAIRING: Champagne


  • 2 packages BUTTER FLÛTES, 100-125g each
    [Kambly Twist Flûtes or Naturaplan Bio Flûtes from Coop or Migros Flûtes Sel work well]
  • 1 bag classic CRISPS or POTATO CHIPS, ~300g
    [Can't go wrong with Zweifel Nature brand at Coop]

Serving Tips

  • 1. Accentuate the flutes' vertical nature by serving upright in a tall glass or mug. Tuck any broken pieces into the top.
  • 2. Rather than a boring big bowl, serve crisps/chips in a wicker or wire basket lined with a colorful or decorative napkin