Gstaader Cheese & Black Olive Tapenade with Rhone Red Blend

Gstaader Cheese & Black Olive Tapenade with Rhone Red Blend

Type: Buy-And-Serve

Mediterranean flavours fit naturally well with southern French wines, whose rich, earthy concentrated berry character harmonizes with black olives and strong herbs like rosemary and thyme, cleverly incorporated in this Swiss mountain cheese.

Party Theme(s): Big Red From The Med, Take A Chance On France

  • YIELD: Serves 10 as cheese course of a party

  • ACTIVE TIME: 5 mins

    TOTAL TIME: 5 mins

  • WINE PAIRING: Red Rhône Blend 


  • 200g GSTAADER cheese - Bergkäse, mittelreif mit Kräutermantel
    A cows milk mountain cheese from Switzerland's Gstaad, with a lovely herbed rind
  • [From Coop or Migros]
  • 1 jar BLACK OLIVE TAPENADE, from ~100-180g
  • [We like Santori & Dintorni brand from Italy, available from Coop]

Serving Tips

  • - For a party cheese course when other food is provided, plan 20g per person of each cheese
  • - If cheese is the main food, plan up to 125g per person of all cheeses together (not just this one)
  • - Plain unseasoned crackers, rustic sliced bread and black olives make good accompaniments; see photo
  • - Garnish ideas for strewing about the platter: pomegranate seeds, whole herb sprigs (rosemary, thyme)
  • - Other often-seen garnishes like fruit preserves, walnuts and grapes look and taste nice but truthfully often clash with wine flavours. Do guests care? You decide!