Mature Cheeses & Smoked Nuts with Chardonnay

Mature Cheeses & Smoked Nuts with Chardonnay

Type: Buy-And-Serve

Good wine and cheese combos are annoyingly selective: not many wines taste great with lots of cheeses and vice versa. An easy exception: the mellow mild creamy character of these two famous aged cow's milk cheeses pairs well with a fairly wide range of medium-weight white & red wines, like a balanced Chardonnay.

Party Theme(s): Corks & CoalsThe Royal Family Of Wine

  • YIELD: Serves 10 as cheese course of a party

  • ACTIVE TIME: 5 mins

    TOTAL TIME: 5 mins

  • WINE PAIRING: Chardonnay 


  • 200g CHEDDAR cheese, Mature or Extra Mature (Cathedral City brand at Coop or Migros)
  • Smooth, mellow, mature version of the UK's most famous cheese
  • 200g GRUYÈRE cheese, Mittelreif/Mi-Salé/Semi-Piccante
    The famous aged, fine Swiss table- and melting-cheese 
  • 150g (1 bag) SMOKED ALMONDS (e.g., Coop's Rauchmandeln/Amandes Fumées, ültje brand)

Serving Tips

  • - For a party cheese course when other food is provided, plan 20g per person of each cheese
  • - If cheese is the main food, plan up to 125g per person of all cheeses together (not just these two)
  • - One 150g bag of almonds is on the light side for 10 people. If you're not serving a lot of filling food--or your friends are crazy for nuts--double it
  • - Pairing tip: Try the wine (swallow), then one of the cheeses (swallow), then the wine again. The cheeses' creamy, nutty, mellow-aged flavour harmonizes nicely with the slightly toasty, gentle mature oaky notes in the Chardonnay
  • - Plain unseasoned crackers and rustic sliced bread make good accompaniments