Mild Blue Cheeses with Cabernet Sauvignon or Red Bordeaux

Mild Blue Cheeses with Cabernet Sauvignon or Red Bordeaux

Type: Buy-And-Serve

Wine & cheese pairing isn't as easy as it seems... in fact, it's not easy at all! First tip: beware matching equally strong characters like Bordeaux reds (often containing Cabernet Sauvignon) and blue cheese. Never fear, these non-stinky milder blues actually bring out more flavour in the wine.

Party Theme(s): Come To Cheeses, Take A Chance On France, The Royal Family Of Wine

  • YIELD: Serves 10 as cheese course of a party

  • ACTIVE TIME: 5 mins

    TOTAL TIME: 5 mins

  • WINE PAIRING: Red Bordeaux 


  • 200g CAMBOZOLA cheese
    A mild "blue brie" style, international

  • 200g ST. AGUR cheese
    A creamy mild blue from Auvergne, central France
  • [Both routinely available at larger Coop and Migros stores]

Serving Tips

  • - For a party cheese course when other food is provided, plan 20g per person of each cheese
  • - If cheese is the main food, plan up to 125g per person of all cheeses together (not just these two)
  • - Pairing tip: Try the wine (swallow), then one of the cheeses (swallow), then the wine again. The creamy mild blue flavour eliminates the wines' drying, sandpaper effect (from tannins) bringing out the wines' fruit character
  • - Plain unseasoned crackers and rustic sliced bread make good accompaniments; see photo
  • - Garnish ideas for strewing about the platter: pomegranate seeds, whole herb sprigs (rosemary, thyme)
  • - Other often-seen garnishes like fruit preserves, walnuts and grapes look and taste nice but truthfully often clash with wine flavours. Do guests care? You decide!