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Sparkling wines often appear early with hors d'oeuvres, then vanish from the party. Why?! Those scrubbing bubbles work surprisingly well with lots of dishes... so keep the fizz flowing ;-)

Recipes require cooking. Buy-And-Serve pairings are store-bought and served as-is or with garnish ideas.

Note: Our Pop Pop Fizz Fizz party boxes contain the wines for these dishes.


Involtini di Bresaola e Rucola - Italian Meat & Cheese Roll-ups with Franciacorta

Type: Recipe

Italian cuisine shines for its rusticity: combining simple ingredients yields unexpectedly sensational results. Here two northern Italian classics--Grana Padano aged cheese and Bresaola air-dried salted beef--combine for a rich backdrop to light aperitif wines like Italy's version of Champagne, called Franciacorta.  YIELD: Serves 10, 2...

Triple Cream, Grapes & Ginger with Prosecco

Type: Buy-And-Serve

The world's favourite sparkling party starter is Italy's famous Prosecco hailing from the region near Venice. In contrast to more expensive Champagne-style bubbles, Proseccos are designed uncomplicated and simply refreshing. These super simple ginger-spicy bites showcase Prosecco's easy fun style. Party Theme(s):...

Tuna, Egg & Olive Tapa with Cava

Type: Recipe

Inspired by a lovely little tapa we stumbled across at vermouth bar Bar Roberto in San Sebastian, Spain. Eggs, tuna, mayo, green olives, red peppers... like a roll call of tapas' best contributors! We ate them with fancy vermouth cocktails but...

Gruyere & Prosciutto Pinwheels with Champagne

Type: Recipe

An all-time favourite hors d'oeuvre, easy to make days ahead and bake at the last minute. These buttery, flaky, slightly rich and salty (from the prosciutto) bites are very more-ish with Champagne. Looks and tastes fancy with little effort (shh, don't...

Butter Flutes, Crisps or Potato Chips with Champagne

Type: Buy-And-Serve

Super simple, super effective. Sharp, bubbly apéritif wines like Champagne are designed to cut through buttery, salty, oily and/or fried nibbles to begin a party. Crispy butter flutes are a surprisingly effective accompaniment as are crisps/potato chips, not lowbrow any longer....