Tuna, Egg & Olive Tapa with Cava

Tuna, Egg & Olive Tapa with Cava

Type: Recipe

Inspired by a lovely little tapa we stumbled across at vermouth bar Bar Roberto in San Sebastian, Spain. Eggs, tuna, mayo, green olives, red peppers... like a roll call of tapas' best contributors! We ate them with fancy vermouth cocktails but our version fits equally well with Spain's sparkler Cava.

Party Theme(s): Insane For Spain, Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz

  • YIELD: Serves 7 (makes about 14 tapas)

  • ACTIVE TIME: 25 mins

    TOTAL TIME: 25 mins



  • 6 HARD-BOILED EGGS (our favourite method here), cooled and roughly chopped, roughly separated into a pile of whites and a pile of yolks (no need to be pristine)
  • 60 g canned TUNA in olive oil, drained
  • 30-35 g GREEN OLIVES, roughly chopped (about 10 olives without pits)
  • 60 ml MAYONNAISE (Thomy is fine), plus more to attain proper consistency
  • About twenty 1-cm slices from a long, crusty BAGUETTE
  • ROASTED RED PEPPERS (jarred) and GREEN OLIVES for garnish


  • 1. Combine the topping ingredients. Add egg whites (not yolks), tuna, green olives and mayonnaise to a large bowl. Fold mixture together with a rubber spatula until combined; add more mayonnaise as needed to achieve the desired consistency. Add most of the yolk pieces (they're crumbly and fall apart, don't worry, reserve the crumbs) and fold in, just until combined; don't over-stir or the whole mixture turns yellow.
  • 2. Top the tapas. Dollop about a tablespoon of egg salad mixture onto bread slices to make tapas; garnish by topping each tapa with a halved green olive, a chunk of red pepper and sprinkling reserved yolk crumbs.