Wasabi Peas, Artichoke Spread & Cured Meats with Gruener Veltliner

Wasabi Peas, Artichoke Spread & Cured Meats with Gruener Veltliner

Type: Buy-And-Serve

The signature grape of Austria, Grüner Veltliner [say it: GREW-ner felt-LEE-ner] is bright and zippy, like a refreshing squeeze of lemon to cut through relatively strong-flavoured or oily appetizers, such as wasabi's horseradish bite, rich artichokes or (of course, it's Austrian!) many cured pork products.

Party Theme(s): Corks & Coals

  • YIELD: Serves 10 as a nibble

  • ACTIVE TIME: 10 mins

    TOTAL TIME: 10 mins

  • WINE PAIRING: Grüner Veltliner


  • Wasabi Peanuts or Peas, 150 g
    [We slightly prefer Coop Fine Food Wasabi Coated Peanuts over Migros' Chop Stick brand Wasabi Peas, but both work well]
  • Artichoke Spread, 100 g [Coop Fine Food Crema di Carciofi per Crostini]
  • Bread, baguette or Pagnol-style, 10 slices about 1 cm thick (toasted if possible, see below)
  • Herbed Bacon (Kräuterspeck / Lard aux herbs), ~100 g
  • Mountain Cured Ham (Berg-Rohschinken / Jambon cru de montagne), ~100 g

Serving Tips

  • 1. Wasabi Peanuts or Peas: serve in a small bowl with a spoon for people to transport them onto their hand.
  • 2. Spread the Artichoke Crema generously onto the bread slices. We prefer the bread lightly toasted beforehand, if you have time and inclination. You can also toast the bread a few hours ahead; toast it light brown only (and/or one side only) and keep the finished toasts with air access, no closed containers.
  • 3. Meats appear more appetizing if you roll (bacon) or fold (ham) them in some fashion (see picture), also speared with a toothpick for easy pickup.
  • 4. Pictured upper-right and autumn season only: Saucisson Vaudois (from Coop), pre-cooked in not-quite-simmering water for 40 mins, served warm or cooled and sliced. Excellent alone and with the wine. Drool.