About Us

Our Unlikely Story:
How a Doubly-Dumb Corporate Decision Led to Your Brilliant Party

Sipster is the e-commerce extension of Zürich-based wine & food events business Uncorked GmbH, founded by Robert & Stephanie Hergenrader. Our simple goal: you leverage our experience to host the best possible event.

We started working for you on holidays...

  • 2007

    Just for fun we spend 15 years visiting worldwide wine & food regions on holidays, inspired after meeting at university and attending Wine Appreciation class (for credit!) with Dr. Richard Vine (his real name!). Stephanie’s job transfer brings the family from Chicago to Zürich in 2007.

After 20 years climbing corporate rungs, both billion-dollar
employers make us redundant in the same year.

  • 2012

    Don’t worry! They soon posted excellent profits again. Yet late 2012 finds us groundlessly cut adrift, double-unemployed in the world’s most expensive city, 7,000 km from home

Friends and colleagues assume we’ll head home.
Wrong, we fight!

  • 2013

    We incorporate our hobby of teaching friends about wine in our living room: Uncorked GmbH is born and… we go pro!

    We earn WSET & SWE wine certifications and under the guidance of top-notch caterers begin hosting ever bigger wine & food events.

We fine-tune how to throw easy, fantastic parties...

  • 2015

    In Zürich’s international environment, we’re lucky to host thousands of friendly people from all over the world and all walks of life.


...and we package that experience for you!

  • 2016

    With more party requests than Uncorked can handle, we invent a way for anyone to throw a fantastic party, big or small.

    Code-named Party In A Box, we work 18 months in our “spare time” to develop, test, refine and launch Sipster.

Our management team has one goal:
that you host an easy, memorable event

Robert Hergenrader
Founder, Managing Director

Chemical Engineer with a Kellogg, Northwestern University MBA focus on Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Full-time director of Uncorked and Sipster since 2012. WSET & SWE certified.


Stephanie Hergenrader
Founder, Marketing & Sales Director

Hospitality & Corporate Marketing background. Responsible for Uncorked’s event operations, (read, food!) and Sipster’s online sales & marketing platform. WSET certified.


Ralph Schädler
Logistics Director

Career SAP Consultant. Founded Weinstoff winery in Ticino in 2011; Wine Director at Lucerne’s Business Hotel Management School since 2011. WSET Diploma, Weinakadem-iker, ZHAW trained winemaker.


Zoe Hergenrader
Chief Disruption Officer

Uncorked’s wine prodigy left her mark on several famous European wine regions before age six months. With amazing olfactory sensitivity, Zoe is mesmerized by earthy, farmyard, leathery and sweat-sock aromas inherent in great growth Burgundy. Since 2012.