Sipster party prices are simple!
Typical party cost is CHF 17.00-22.00 per person.

Exact prices depend on your party theme and attendees.
Order 5-10 days in advance, depending on party day.


No markups!

Retail store prices for all wines

Themes include mixed bottle prices from CHF 14.00 to 32.00

Sipster Party Fee

CHF 5.00 per attendee or less, minimum CHF 60.00 (chart below)

Covers your customized Party Game materials and Recipes:

Bottle Tags

Tasting Sheets

Food Placards

Glass Marker

Pairing recipes and party food ideas (food not included)


CHF 8.00
Swiss Post VinoLog

Delivered to your door

Pickup from your local Post if you miss delivery

Pick A Theme and Build Your Box in a few clicks to see exact pricing

Sipster Party Fees

For customized Party Game materials for all attendees:


4 to 12

13 to 20

21 to 28

29 to 36

37 to 40

Flat Party Fee

minimum total fee CHF 60.00

CHF 80.00

CHF 100.00

CHF 120.00

CHF 140.00

Avg. Fee Per Person

7.50 – 5.00