Shipping and Returns

Shipping Details

There's no worse feeling than wondering if your order will arrive in time for your party. To avoid it, plan to order at least 5-10 days in advance per the following schedule:

Please note these are latest order & payment times. Ordering earlier is always better!

If your party is on a... We must receive both your order and payment latest... Which is latest... Your Party Box arrives latest...
Saturday or Sunday by 12:00 pm (noon) Monday of that same week 5-6 days in advance on Wed-Fri before your party
Thursday or Friday by 12:00 pm (noon) Thursday the week before 7-8 days in advance on Mon-Wed before your party
Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday by 12:00 pm (noon) Monday the week before 7-10 days in advance
on Wed-Fri the week before your party


We can expedite orders if you need your party sooner. Exact delivery times and additional fees vary by circumstances. Contact us and we're happy discuss options.

Fastest processing for Paypal or credit card payments, which begin order processing immediately. Bank transfer payments require receipt by our financial institution (Swiss Post Finance) up to 2 business days after your institution's payment execution before we begin order processing. We don't accept emailed copies of bank transfer executions, nor do we refund orders which arrive late due to late payment receipt.

We email a shipment notification to you complete with tracking number once your order leaves our warehouse.

If you're not home for delivery, don't worry! Swiss Post leaves a pickup note in your postbox and holds the package at your local Post location. Please note your Post pickup closing time, especially on Fridays and Saturdays (find Post service times)! Sipster does not refund orders which are delivered but not picked up from the Post before the party date.


Returns & Refunds Policy

We want you to throw the best party ever! That means 100% satisfaction.

If you're at all nervous about ordering and possibly returning bottles, please contact us first! We're happy to discuss your event in more detail. The people behind the "computer" want to help!

For packing mistakes, shipping mistakes, broken bottles or bad quality (corked, oxidized) wines, please contact us immediately. We'll expedite replacements before your party and/or arrange for return shipment afterwards. Because trust runs both ways, we may request some control measure (photo, tasting returned wines, etc.) before processing refunds.

For returns, contact us for a free return shipping label and instructions.

For 3 or fewer unused bottles: this falls within "reasonable error" for the inexact art of party quantity planning; we cannot accept returns for refunds. Please keep and enjoy these few bottles later, gift them to attendees or bring to future dinner parties.

For 4 or more unused bottles: if you used our Build Your Box configurator recommended quantities, we gladly refund and accept these extra bottles back. Contact us for a free return shipping label and instructions.

For 7 or more unused bottles: perhaps you estimated attendees incorrectly or the party didn't happen. In refunding such cases we may impart a shipping/restocking fee not to exceed CHF 40.00.

Other important details:

  • If before checkout you add higher bottle quantities not recommended by us for your attendee count and party style, we cannot accept returns for refunds.
  • Returned bottles must be in the same re-sellable condition as originally received. Mostly this means, if you're not sure you'll serve a bottle and might return it: DON'T remove the top foil, DON'T open the screw cap, DON'T chill it in a water bath which might alter the label (use the refrigerator instead)!
  • If we receive an un-sellable bottle, we cannot refund it. Which means, you're better off keeping it, drinking it or giving it away as a gift. If in doubt, please ask us before returning it!